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Garden Scenes

16 x 20 'Favorite Window Box'

16 x 20 'Geraniums on Porch'

18 x 24 'Hydrangeas in Vase'

The Cottage Garden 24 x 18

24x18 The Cottage Garden

11x14 Bike in Bloom - Sold

16x20 Summer in Bloom - Sold

11x14 Patio Scape - Sold

18x24 View from Amy's Porch - Sold

24x30 The Bicycle with Hydrangeas-Sold

9x12 Monet's Garden - Fall - Monet Series Sold

9x12 Monet's Garden - Summer

9x12 Monet's Garden - Winter

9x12 Monet's Garden - Spring

16x20 The Blue Wagon with Hydrangeas

11x14 Let's have Tea - Sold